Principal Investigator
Qing-hui Guo

Prof. Qing-Hui Guo

Address: Chemistry Museum of Tsinghua University, room 300.



2006.09-2010.07   B.S.   Lanzhou University

2010.09-2015.07   Ph.D.   Tsinghua University, tutor: Mei-Xiang Wang

Scientific Reasearch Experience:

2015.08-2017.01   Postdoc.   Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academic of Science, co-supervisor: De-Xian Wang

2017.02-2021.05   Postdoc.   Northwestern University, co-supervisor: J. Fraser. Stoddart

2021.06-2023.11   PI.   Zhejiang Universty, Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center

2023.11-present    Assistant Professor.   Department of chemistry, Tsinghua Universty

Selected Awards:

The Stoddart Group Award for Best Publication, 2019

The Second-Class Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, 2015

Awarded by Tsinghua University Outstanding Graduates in Beijing, 2015

National Scholarship for Graduate Students, 2014

Group members
Ke Liu
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Former Group Member
Qin-Yi Li