Organic synthesis and self-assembly are two basic tools for the creation of functional molecules and advanced materials in contemporary chemistry.  Advances in these fields have changed the scientific landscape and will motivate forward-thinking chemists to develop interdisciplinary research, both in relation to the fundamental science and in forging advanced applications. The research in Guo laboratory will focus on tackling fundamental and practical problems in nano-molecules and materials science by encompassing principles of organic and supramolecular chemistry.  Three projects will be conducted: precise synthesis of planner and curved π-conjugated molecular carbons; supramolecular chemical regulation of reactions endowed by novel macrocycles; molecular nanotopology and related intelligent nanomaterials.

July 2021

Now, our story is beginning...

September 2022

Welcome to Xu, our new postgraduate.

August 2022

Yang received the CCS 20th National Macrocyclic Chemistry &12th National Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium Excellent Wall Newspaper Award. Congraduations to Yang.

July 2022

1. Welcome to our new Ph.D, Xue and Shi-Tao.

2. Welcome to our new postdoc, Zhe, and our new postgraduate, Ke.

Guo Supra_Chem Lab

November 2022

Congratulations on Duan-Chao's approval of the 2022 Zhejiang Post doctoral Program Fund and the 71st China Postdoctoral Fund

January 2023

Ring out the Old Year and ring in the New Year! Wish all members a soomth and fruitful new year!

December 2022

1、Duan-Chao recognized as an "academic star" of Zhejiang University-Hangzhou Global Scientific and Technological Innovation Center-SIMS in year of 2022.

2、Professor Yang Zhang from North Carolina State University visited our   group and delivered a lecture entitled "Development of luminescent materials and imaging methods towards multidimensional SMLM".

June 2023

Congratulatins to Yang on his work published on JACS. “Soluble and Processable Single-Crystalline Cationic Polymers”!